I came down with a small cold so progress has been somewhat slow recently. My main focus continues to be the Home UI.

I’ve mostly been applying small bug fixes and improvements, such as correcting errors in the Home layout. The Tutorial was also crashing because it was trying to reference a removed UI element. There is now a new settings dialog for configuring the UI. This includes a new setting for slightly scaling down the fonts and other UI elements. This should be particularly helpful when using smaller display resolutions.

Packages now support dependencies to other packages: a package can specify which other packages must first be loaded before the package itself can be successfully loaded. This is useful for packages containing common resources needed by other packages. It also needed in the near future for supporting Snowberry style resource packages.

The 64-bit Windows build should now be fully recognized and supported by Doomsday’s built-in autoupdater. It now downloads and begins installation of the MSI installation package. I’ve added ZIP versions of the distribution packages for those who wish to manually install Doomsday. You can currently access those via the Autobuilder pages.

There were a few other small issues with the Windows builds. The installation did not include support for SSL, so downloads of updates from SourceForge were failing. Also, the readme document was not being written so the installation packages only included an empty file.