What’s new in 2.3

What a year, eh? 2020 has certainly not been easy going, but it’s time to tally the improvements and make another stable release.

The first Release Candidate build of version 2.3 is now available.

Most of the progress this year happened in the first quarter, while I was revising how DOOM render/map hacks are detected and applied. The way it works now should be more robust and have better performance during gameplay, as the hacks are primarily detected during the map setup phase and not dynamically while the map is being played.

The other major focus area was improvements in Doomsday Script and bindings for players and things. It is now possible to query and manipulate several properties via scripts. This enables new modding capabilities when scripts are used in state actions and when things get killed.

I’m looking forward to phasing out the 2.3 branch and switching over to 3.0. The Doomsday 3 codebase has been reorganized and cleaned up significantly, and is in many ways nicer to work with. There will almost certainly still be bug fixes for 2.3, but I expect most work to focus on the unstable 3.0 releases. However, the switch-over will still require some additional work in the distribution scripts because the build environment has once again changed (with Qt being gone, for one thing). It may take some time before all platforms have fully functional unstable 3.0 builds in the Autobuilder.