Doomsday 2.2 released

Doomsday 2.2 has been released (build 3272). The highlights of this version are:

  • Improved Doomsday Script integration
  • Heretic modding enhancements
  • Separate FOV for rendering player weapons
  • Flatpak for Linux
  • Renderer bug fixes

Download 2.2

Release notes

Another milestone

Exactly 20 years ago — December 18th, 1999 — I first announced that work had started on a project called “Doomsday Engine”:

Dan Olson suggested a while ago that the game could be split into two parts just like Quake2: the engine and a game DLL. After doing some research (the Quake2 game source) I decided to try this out and so far the results have been good. I squeezed all the generic Doom engine stuff into a new executable and named it The Doomsday Engine. Then, after a serious amount of code editing, I was able to compile the JHexen DLL. It’s already working quite nicely.

Because of the split many cool things are now possible. For starters, writing JDoom and JHeretic will be much easier since they can just be DLLs for the Doomsday engine to use. Also, because the game DLLs are 99.9% platform independent, porting them to any other operating system should be a breeze. Unfortunately the engine itself will be a bit more difficult…

This means I’ve been working on Doomsday longer than I had been alive when I first started (19)! That is a sobering notion to think about over the holidays (possibly while enjoying some non-sobering beverages). Granted, there have been a couple of longer hiatuses over the years, and progress is sometimes slow. But there is an undeniable longevity to the project. I credit the passionate community and lasting attraction to the classic DOOM games for maintaining the motivation to continue.

Thanks for being part of the journey! I’m excited to see how things will turn out with Doomsday 3 and its new renderer.