Audio plugin selection

Last week I was fixing some regressions and tweaking the UI. Audio plugin selection GUI was brought back as part of the Audio Settings dialog.

In build 2112, vsync can be toggled on and off at runtime again. The UI has widget background blurring enabled even when a game is loaded, which makes things look nicer when accessing the task bar. I also fixed a couple of regressions where menu/finale graphics were being scaled incorrectly.

In build 2113, vsync toggling works under X11, too (supporting three variants of the display swap control OpenGL extension). On macOS, the window can be again toggled fullscreen via the window buttons and it behaves like macOS fullscreen apps should.

In build 2115, I applied some UI appearance tweaks. The good thing about taking breaks from the project is that when you come back, it is easier to see where improvements are needed. I felt that all the different colored backgrounds in Home were clashing too much, so now the columns that are not highlighted are desaturated. This was implemented with a new shader that converts the colors to HSV. Another rather significant change is that if you only use the mouse, the yellow focus indicator is no longer displayed (like it was before the indicator was implemented). Pressing Tab or navigating with the arrow keys will cause the focus indicator to be shown.

In build 2116, one can now use the Audio Settings dialog to select which audio plugins are used for sound effects, music, and CD playback. Doomsday still needs to be restarted for the changes to be applied. I’m hopeful this can be done on the fly in upcoming builds. This is one of the few remaining settings missing since we dropped the Snowberry frontend app.

I’m slowly working to close the remaining tasks for 2.0 on the roadmap. I’ve decided to postpone a few of the modding-related tasks to later releases since DaniJ currently does not have time to work on Doomsday. Package compatibility checks for multiplayer remains the biggest task that is yet to be started. It looks pretty straightforward, though. There is also a couple of important improvements needed to support the work on new 3D models.