Xcode trouble

Here’s one for future reference. I’ve been working with Xcode on and off recently, but today all of a sudden, Xcode decided that it couldn’t find any of the dependencies between the project’s apps and libraries. That is, when building Doomsday.app, it wouldn’t build any of the supporting libraries first which, of course, led to a failed build.

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Up to Speed

I’ve been getting back to work on Doomsday after my 1.5 month hiatus.

As I previously planned, I’ve been doing more development on Xcode 6. It took a brief adjustment period to get to know the intricacies of the IDE, but Xcode is starting to feel quite comfortable. My biggest gripe is that the Quick Open box is so slow; Doomsday is a relatively large code base, so there are a lot of files and symbols to find (Qt Creator manages this just fine, though). There are some nice touches like the Assistant editor showing callers/callees, source/header counterparts, and other helpful information, but code navigation on the whole just doesn’t feel right to me. However, Xcode is superb for debugging on the Mac. I’ve already managed to fix a number of bugs thanks to it. Continue reading Up to Speed