I’ve been setting up CMake build files for Doomsday in the cmake-build branch. This has been quite an undertaking because Doomsday has about 50 individual components to build. (Mind you, some of those are tests and tools.) Not having done anything substantial with CMake in recent years, it was very useful to really jump into the deep end and get familiar with CMake version 3. While setting up the build for all the components on OS X, Windows, and Unix I gained a real understanding of CMake as a scripting language and now feel quite comfortable with how it operates. Continue reading C-Made

Xcode trouble

Here’s one for future reference. I’ve been working with Xcode on and off recently, but today all of a sudden, Xcode decided that it couldn’t find any of the dependencies between the project’s apps and libraries. That is, when building Doomsday.app, it wouldn’t build any of the supporting libraries first which, of course, led to a failed build.

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