SDL 2 vs. Qt

We’re switching to SDL 2.0 from the SDL 1.2 that has been in use for years in Doomsday. Sometimes I feel that minimalism would be the right way to go, and start considering if a switch back to SDL as the base framework would make sense. This scenario starts to look more enticing particularly with a switch to C++11 looming on the horizon — at least the crucial Qt components like threading and conveniences like foreach would be available via the programming language itself.

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Qt 5.3 and OS X display modes

After half an hour of confusion and tinkering, I learned that my problems were due to switching from a Qt 4.8 build to Qt 5.3, and not clearing the build directory completely. macdeployqt does not work properly if there is an app built with a different Qt version.

In the midst of wondering what is going on, I also ran into a number of display mode switch issues. It looks like I’ll finally have to drop the deprecated OS X display mode change API calls and just use the OS X fullscreen mode. This means the display mode is not configurable via Doomsday (which is what Apple recommends, I suppose). However, there might be a way to kludge around the glitches (black screen remains after mode switch) by adding some further delays and other tricks… Doesn’t seem like the right thing to do, though.

Posting practices

For the past three years I’ve been writing weekly posts about how the work on Doomsday is progressing. With the exception of a couple of missed weeks and holiday breaks, I’ve managed to stay in schedule and make the post every week. I’ve found this a very healthy exercise, although some weeks have been pretty thin content-wise. However, it might be worthwhile to rethink this arrangement a little. Continue reading Posting practices