Unicode and the file system

Doomsday has never been fully Unicode compatible, however now that FS2 is being taken into use in several places, it is time to try and fix the remaining Unicode related issues with file paths.

The matter is somewhat complicated by Snowberry, as it has its own set of problems with Unicode paths. The fact that all the command line arguments are passed via a response file should help matters, though.

I’m unsure how big the platform-specific differences are regarding the behavior of Win32 Unicode compatible APIs vs. Unix APIs. I have a feeling that there are a few tricky situations here.

FS2 and its foundation (Qt) are fortunately fully Unicode compatible, so all the faults should be in old Doomsday code that has only ever been intended to work with ASCII or Latin-1 strings. As a principle, all 8-bit strings should use UTF-8; code that has been touched in recent years should already conform to this rule.

I will begin by re-examining issue 1095.