You may recall that last year, I decided to move my developer blog posts from the forums onto a separate blog. A number of other Doomsday web resources have also been sprouting outside (like the bug tracker and commit tag index). When it came time to renew hosting of the website, I came to realize that it was time to sort out this situation and commit to the idea of a consolidated web presence for Doomsday — this was the motivation for moving to a domain of our own in the first place.

The first set of changes is underway:

  • My developer blog has been returned to, now running on WordPress at The blog has also been linked to the forums for discussion purposes (there are no comments on the blog).
  • The bug tracker has been integrated into the domain.
  • The wiki is now available under its own subdomain (with cleaner URIs):
  • There is a new subdomain for source code / developer stuff like API documentation and the repository commit tags. The API documentation was previously available via the wiki/Dropbox, but that arrangement was cumbersome to maintain so it was shut down a while ago.
  • Last but not least, the Autobuilder has been integrated with the site. Recent unstable builds are now available on You may recognize these pages from the ones I had on Eventually the plan is to merge this with the repository browser on the front page so that there is a single web interface for accessing the recent unstable builds and the stable releases. This will further reduce our reliance on SourceForge, although the intention is to keep using as a mirror for both downloads and the Git repository.

There is still plenty of work to be done with unifying the look of all the parts of the website. Fortunately this is something I can work as a side project when I’m not able to focus on programming.