Photo by Chor Ip (Flicker). License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Maintenance needed

The 1.15.5 stable build wasn’t very successful. This is the problem with an evolving build environment: operating system, library, and toolchain upgrades eventually break the older code.

First it was the Ubuntu builds that turned out empty, because the packaging configuration wasn’t set up properly — I should’ve set up a separate configuration for Launchpad since it’s slightly incompatible with how the packaging is done in a local build. The stable branch still only works correctly for Launchpad. I’ve been meaning to disable the local builds entirely.

Now it appears that after upgrading the Mac builder to El Capitan, the stable build has broken there as well. It shouldn’t be more complicated than checking that the builder can find Qt, though. Nevertheless, because the old build uses qmake, it’s additional setup compared to the latest code where the more robust CMake is being used.

After the website migration has been dealt with, I’ll need to invest some time into autobuilder maintenance. I should ensure that the tools and libraries needed for the stable branch remain untouched in the future.