Release notes

DaniJ agreed to continue looking into the Hexen save issue since he has more recently been working on that area of the code. This frees me up to work on secondary tasks, like writing the release notes.

It is always a nice little surprise to go through the past months’ progress and collect it into a concise list. All the small steps that get half forgotten over time sum up to tangible advancement. I suppose this is one benefit of regular stable releases: seeing the progress in more concrete terms, which is good for motivation. One can never underestimate the importance of motivation when it comes to open source projects that are fully based on personal interests without any monetary compensation.

There are always bigger plans moving in the background, and naturally major milestones are not ready to land in every stable release. I always try to describe relevant progress in the release notes as part of the “internal” changes, however it may be difficult to grasp their significance if one is not intimately involved in the development efforts.