Schedule wrt. model rendering

I’ve had little mental bandwidth for Doomsday recently. This is not unexpected during the weeks leading up to the summer vacation. Looking at the calendar, there is still time until the end of July to wrap up any new code for 1.15. This should be enough for putting together a basic package loading mechanism and set up a simple model pacakge.

However, it seems unlikely that a feature-complete replacement for the old model renderer can be produced in a couple of weeks. Since I’m going to be essentially adding an alternative renderer for models, this shouldn’t be a big problem: models in the new format will anyway have to be set up from scratch, without trying to adhere to the feature set of the old renderer.

This means that as far as the stable 1.15 is concerned, I think the actual “completed” feature will be the package loading mechanism, while the model renderer itself will be developed over time in the 1.16 unstable builds. This all hinges on how much time I’ll have for Doomsday in July, though.